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a new musical project inspired by lockdown conversations

april 2020

The Heart-To-Heart Project is a series of short musicals inspired by conversations with people during lockdown.


On the day that lockdown was announced, we set up a telephone line called Heart-to-Heart. It’s for everyone, but specifically for people dealing with self-isolation who don’t have access to the internet.


People call for chats, and out of those chats come many inspiring stories. Due to social distancing measures coming into place, all community projects headed by Luke Saydon and The Naughty Carriage had to be cancelled.


After the phone-line was launched, there's not been a single day that calls or messages have not come through. We spoke with countless people, and from people come stories. The stories they share are heart-warming and inspiring.


With their permission, Luke has used their words and stories as inspiration for a series of lockdown mini-musicals.

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Click here to support Luke Saydon and the Heart-to-Heart project. Through your contribution, we will:


  • continue and expand the Heart-to-Heart outreach by adding more phone lines and people to answer calls,

  •  have the means to send these podcasts in CD format by post to all the people who inspired them,

  • invest in technology to create similar projects for people combatting loneliness during self isolation,

  • bring new artists on board when making future episodes. 

You can make your donation through Paypal or by getting in touch on

From our hearts to yours, thanks. 

The Three Sunsets
The Naughty Carriage

MUSIC from our


Ep1: The Last Train From charing Cross


The first episode from the Heart-To-Heart series is inspired by the words of Cynthia. 

"The Last Train from Charing Cross" tells the story of a woman living in the London suburbs in 1939 who never manages to see the end of a film, because she has to leave before the end to catch her last train home.

“During the war I was courting my future husband,” says ex-WRAAF officer Cynthia. “He lived in Essex and I lived in North London. We’d meet at the cinema in Leicester Square, but I would always have to leave early to get the last train. It wasn’t until the 1960s, when I saw some of the films on television, that I knew how they ended.”

Cynthia’s story inspired Luke to write "The Last Train From Charing Cross". In this 15 minute-musical, a railway porter falls in love with a woman who he sees regularly running for her last train.

Ep2: The school for the deprived


The second episode from the Heart-To-Heart series is inspired by the words of Sarah.

"The School For The Deprived"tells the story of an imagined school in the future that teaches children skills that were lost in a time of lockdown. 

“I think one of the greatest losses during lockdown is the ability to hug each other,” says former foster mother Sarah. “It’s so important to us as humans. For children especially, the reassuring hug or a cuddle from a grandparent or auntie has been lost during lockdown.”


In this short musical, we follow a young boy’s first day at the school. He learns how to ride a bike, how to hug, and how to connect with people outside his home after a fictional plague leaves everyone strictly confined to their houses. 

Ep3: a 9-year-old's guide to jigsaw puzzles


"A 9-Year-Old’s Guide To Jigsaw Puzzles" was inspired by a conversation with David and his wife Rachel. It tells the story of a man trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with his granddaughter, and being frustrated he can never finish it. 

During conversations with Luke, Rachel explained the importance for people to celebrate those living with dementia as the people they are now. She says that “The [person’s] core will always be there as long as other people see it there too”.  

An unfinished jigsaw puzzle in the story represents incomplete memories. Through the eyes of a young girl, her grandfather realizes that an incomplete puzzle can still provide a beautiful picture.



For this very special podcast from the Heart To Heart series, this short musical is written in the Maltese language. Inspired by the true lockdown story of a Maltese elderly couple, the podcast gives us a peak into their daily routine.  While locked in, Joey and Kate's day goes from one televised mass service to another. Boredom, frustration and hope all come to visit, heavily disguised as prayers and litanies.


Written by Clare Azzopardi and Luke Saydon.



"The Quilt Factory" was inspired by the words of Peter and Pam.


"When the lockdown occurred, Pete and I said right - this is a good opportunity and what we'll do is we'll produce charity quilts for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Mostly for children, and there's been well over 3,000 already that has gone."

Here's a small snippet from Episode 4 of the Heart-To-Heart Project. It is the story of Peter and Pam, and the quilts they make for charities and hospitals. How every quilt has a story. How these quilts make a child's hospital experience a magical adventure. Here is the touching story and voices of Peter and Pam... and "The Quilt Factory"

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