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JAN 2020

"The Last Train from Charing Cross" is a musical about a man deemed to be emotionless, who falls in love.


Set in 1939 this man, a train porter, finds himself infatuated with a lady who commutes from his station. She is forced to miss the last 15 minutes of every cinema movie she sees in order to catch the last train. The porter makes it his mission to give her the missing endings of her films. What follows is a heart-warming story of love, kindness and benevolence.


The story's tone is dark and macabre, yet completely mischievous and playful.  The piece is brought to life with puppetry, acoustic music and scenery that is drawn live on blackboards. It's a " Hunchback of Notre Dame" meets "Amelie" story set in WW2.  Inspired by true testimonials of people on the autistic spectrum, this charming musical is a gentle reminder of the emotional feelings that may sometimes be disguised yet still strong in any individual.


The piece is 60 minute one- act musical and performed by 3 actor-musicians. It will be performed at the "Stories in a Minor Key" Showcase, and again in August. 

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