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dreams of freedom

assistant musical director

june 2017





On Monday 26 June 2017, Chickenshed presented Dreams of Freedom - a powerful and inspirational celebration of children’s hopes for the future in a truly monumental performance at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

Inspired by Amnesty International UK’s illustrated children’s book of the same name, Dreams of Freedom was the culmination of a two year project working with children across London gathering their thoughts, opinions, ideas and dreams to create a musical, theatrical and visual spectacular that demands human rights for everyone.

With over 600 children from state, independent and SEN schools across the City, together with members of Chickenshed’s Children Theatres and backed by a 100-strong Young Singers Choir, Dreams of Freedom was a kaleidoscope of music, song, dance and colour as children revealed their dreams for a better world.

Under the direction of Dave Carey, Luke Saydon assisted in musical directing this production - vocal coaching the cast as well as arranging selected pieces for an 11 piece orchestra. 


Tales from the Shed + Little Box Performances


performer/ composer/ musical director

september 2016 - present




Tales from the Shed and Little Box are a series of children's shows from Chickenshed Theatre company for which Luke has performed, co-written and musically directed. They are theatrical shows aimed at 0-8 year olds. Through touring and flexible staging, both shows could be adapted to any space, and hence allowed us to perform in libraries, nursery schools, classrooms as well as highly equipped theatres.


Performances such as these include educational, sensory and motor skills development. For me, these performances culminated in a big UK tour bringing the joy of theatrical play to children everywhere.


Venues include the Old Vic, the Royal Albert Hall, Wilton’s Music Hall, Hyde Park and the Royal Festival Hall.

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Photo Courtesy of Chickenshed Theatre Company  [ ]

Christmas Tales 2017-17122017-DB-51.jpg

The v&A Museum


performer/ composer/ writer

March 2017 - present

Following his previous collaborations with the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum, in 2017 Luke was chosen to write and perform a new children’s show at the museum’s Lecture Theatre for the Christmas festive period. Using a medley of puppets, Christmas carols, decorations, choreographies and characterizations, the show played to 600 audience members and received high praise.


As a follow up to this successful project, Luke is now employed as a regular freelance performer and writer with the Families department of the V&A Museum. Other shows include FUNICULI FUNICULA, a musical tour of the V&A European Gallery, and LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE, a musical show that opened the 2018 Pirate Exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood.  

Christmas Sing-a-Long Pop Up Performance





Photo Courtesy of Chickenshed Theatre Company and ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Children and Youth Theatre PRoductions



SEPTEMBER 2016 - present

THE INDISPENSABLE HERO [ The Chelsea Theatre]:  A musical devised by and starring children. It tells the story of what it means to be a hero and what we can achieve if we work together. This whacky and fun story includes music, movement and physical theatre, and lets the children take the reins in this original performance.



THE CHANGING ROOM [National Theatre Connections Festival]:  A musical as part of the Youth Theatre Connections Festival, hosted by the National Theatre of the UK.  Performed by a group of youths, it is a piece about growing up, the challenges life throws at every teenager trying to fit in.

DEAR FUTURE ME [The Battersea Arts Centre]:  A series of responses to questions about the future. What will the future be like? What are our hopes and fears? Chickenshed Kensington and Chelsea Young Company explored ideas around careers, environment and science and led on the creation of this original ensemble piece.

THE STORY OF STORIES [The Lyric Theatre/ The PlayGround Theatre]: What would happen if the world ran out of stories? The colours of the world would fade away, the clocks would slow down and the memories would get blurred. For what is a world without stories? It’s a world with no past, present or future. A world of no imagination and creativity. Just like two mirrors facing each other, a world with no stories threatens endless danger. And that’s where our story begins. A story about how the children of the world took it upon themselves to go on the quest to bring back stories...






Photo Courtesy of Chickenshed Theatre Company

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