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The Naughty Carriage
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Launch of a new theatre company

January 2020

The Naughty Carriage tells stories and makes theatre for young audiences. 


We’re led by the innate “naughtiness” that’s in each one of us. This naughtiness expresses itself as curiosity, excitement and mischief. Such curiosity is what makes our work reach out to marginalised sections of society and seldom heard voices of our community. With such excitement do we want to include these stories in our work. 


And with such mischief - we aim to create happiness and joy. 


Our current practitioners have experience working in hospitals, children’s centres, community spaces, dementia groups, museums, refugee communities and in professional theatres. 


We’re currently increasing our pool of freelance actor musicians, singers, workshop practitioners, writers, physical performers and puppeteers - theatre makers who are keen to collaborate, create stories and make theatre in line with our vision. 


In March 2020, the company plans to launch its first work; a new musical with the working title “A Boy of No Emotions”. We will workshop the piece with young adults on the autistic spectrum. This R&D project will lead to a stage production in August. 


If you’re interested in collaborating with The Naughty Carriage, let’s start a conversation. 


Kindly get in touch with

Boy of No Emotions Working Title Poster.
The Three Sunsets
The Naughty Carriage
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